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Bhangra, a folk dance originating from Punjab has now become one of the most enjoyable and practiced forms that has now been infused with traditional and other fusion forms. Bhangra is displayed at cultural events as well as wedding celebrations, New Years, etc. 


Entry Level classes lead by qualified instructors with over a decade of Bhangra experience that teach the basic fundamentals and rhythm of Bhangra steps and their origin.


Beginner to Advanced Bollywood classes lead by DWF Instructors that teach basic to complex choreography blocks set into routines through techniques of rhythm, skill and teamwork.

Putting together story telling routines to challenge the skill set and growth of our students. Classes run all year round and conclude at our annual Musical, where students show case the magic of Bollywood Cinema.


With a Doctor of Philosophy in Arts & Culture & 15+ years of experience in India, Dr. Kirandeep Kaur leads our Beginner and Intermediate Kathak classes. Kathak is a classical Indian form that originated from Northern India. At DWF, we focus on teaching our students the history, terminology and correct form/postures.


Led by Ms. Meera Gill & Captain Gurleen Brar

With over 30+ years of experience in dancing, singing and theatre, this woman of substance teaches our Youth and Junior Girls the history and purpose of this symbolic Folk Dance, also known as the clapping dance.

 Many of our dancers love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their expression while creatively displaying feminine grace and elegance.


Led by Jisleen Kaur
A mixture of western styles!

 Many of our dancers love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and sounds to our favourite English tracks.



Cardio dance is a great way to improve coordination, memory and stamina. At DWF, we pair together and repeat simple yet encouraging choreography blocks. All levels welcome, the only requirement is loving to dance!

Ladies Bhangra | Ladies Gidha