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Presenting, Dance with FilmE, an ALL-GIRLS Learning Academy that was founded in January 2017 to specialize in teaching the basic fundamentals of Bollywood, Bhangra & Gidha.

With In studio dance time along with online knowledge testing and lessons, DWF is able to provide their students with a technical framework and mindset needed to enrich today's young females with the Punjabi culture of Bhangra and Gidha

Bollywood Cinema has captured the hearts of millions across the globe through unforgettable music and  performance. 

With our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes, DWF combines the art of music, dance and acting while providing our students with the interpersonal skills needed to engage in creativity, flow, expression and team work. 


The Dance with Filme Academy provides students with a platform to showcase the magic of Bollywood Cinema and the art of Punjabi Culture at their annual Winter Musical which takes place in November.


A Premiere Dance School

"Filme Academy is a platform created for young females to carry out their passion for the arts of South Asian Cultural through dance and dialogue. A home to exercise movement and music by unifying oneself with other creative minds around the world. Through learning and listening techniques of fully equipped classrooms and personally hand picked well qualified instructors,

DWF students carry out great leadership and teamwork skills that will assist them in their future personal, academic and/or entrepreneurial life.  We are on the path of creating self-confidence and self-esteem amongst our students and we wish to create values that can be one day carried on by our students to other sisters.

Together we build, create and expand the sisterhood of DWF."

-Ericka Virk (Founder)


CEO & Founder


Dedicated, focused and driven to inspire best describe her work ethic. With over 20+ years of experience in dance and 8+ years as a self made entrepreneur, Ericka Virk has not only worked as a dancer and choreographer, but also as an International model and actress who continues to dedicate herself to her online fashion & lifestyle blog. Ericka has travelled cities of the world such as Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB, Seattle, WB,  San Jose, CA, Birmingham, UK and others alongside AVA Girls Bhangra to competitively preform and keep the Punjabi culture alive.

After performing at the Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) with Bollywood sensations Shiamak Davar, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwariya Rai, Priyanka Chophra and Ranbir Kapoor & playing the female lead in a live Bollywood dance musical, "Chapter One" Ericka had a vision to create. She wishes to provide local talent with a platform to diversify themselves at an international level. She is a visionary who continues to provide various opportunities of exposure to girls of the younger generations.


Creative Director & Bollywood Choreographer


A student of UBC, Ashika Bajwa is born into a musical family where she was exposed to the arts of singing, music and dance at a very young age. Her passion for dancing brought her to Bollywood; where she assisted in two movies as an assistant director. Her enthusiastic approach towards learning new dance forms since childhood allowed her to interpret her imagination into wonderful choreography. Ashika believes that dance is not only an art form, but also it is a medium through which one can express their emotions and narrate a story musically. We are really proud and honored that she is working with us.


Gidha Captain


Gurleen Brar has began learning Gidha professionally since the age of 8.

She has participated in many cultural events and has placed first at the Punjab State Gidha competition for three years consecutively (2009-2012). She was also the individual winner of the Youth and Heritage Festival at Punjab University in 2015.  At DWF, Gurleen leads our Gidha classes and titles Captain of our senior competitive Gidha Team Sunehri Pippal Pattian 


Hiphop/Zumba/Salsa Instructor


Prior to moving to Canada in 2017, Jisleen has been dancing since the age of 5 and professionally performing and competing since the age of 15. She participated in Dance India Dance little masters at the age of 8 and excelled in all forms of Latin dance competitions. She specializes in Salsa, Rumba, Cha cha and currently enjoys taking forms such as Sexy street, Hip hop, Jazz, Grooving and other western dance forms. Apart from being extremely skilled in the arts she is currently a psychology student.We love you Jisleen!

Bhangra Instructor & Choreographer


Muskan was born and raised in Italy. Her enjoys Salsa and other similar forms. After migrating to Canada, she decided to pursue her passion for dance and became a member of RPD Bhangra and AVA Bhangra Girls. She specializes in teaching Bhangra to our Beginner, Youth and Junior Girl Classes.  She has been training under the DWF Instructors and is a member of the Senior Bollywood Girls team as well as our competition e Girls Gidha team, Sunehri Pippal Pattian.

Bollywood/Hiphop/Contemporary Choreographer + Ladies Class Instructor




Kathak Instructor


With a Doctor of Philosophy in Arts & Culture from the Punjabi University & Master of Arts from Guru Nanak Dev University, Kirandeep has 15+ years of experience in cultural dance. 

Dr. Kirandeep Kaur leads our Beginner and Intermediate Kathak classes and provides one on one private lesson.

Experience all around!